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April 12th, 2015

09:59 am: Helllllooooooooo

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July 24th, 2014

01:16 pm: ♥ ❤ ♥
I saw you and my eyes turned into hearts. I’m blind now. The doctors are baffled. The workings of my circulatory system have become territorial and problematic. Don’t call it cardiac arrhythmia. I prefer “polyrythmia”. The left eye-heart beats out triplets to the chest-heart’s steady bump and the right eye-heart’s idiosyncratic accents. Although when I hear your footsteps it’s more like Chick Webb getting into a fight with John Bonham and Talvin Singh. Which is probably why I keep passing out. Ok bye.

July 4th, 2014

Welcome to Julyvejournal! Where we pretend that it's the mid 00s or that facebook was never invented! And hopefully have a flame war in our beautiful nested comment about how to spell Julyvejournal. Anyways, here's a post:

Attempting to motivate oneself is a boring thing to write about, but still a non-trivial problem, especially if you happen to work on things about which no one but you really cares if they get finished. It has occurred to me that life has been pretty good lately but that I haven't been getting enough done, so here is a little headscratch/resolution, made excruciatingly public because IT'S JULYVEJOURNAL YOU GUYSSZZSS!!1!

Doing The Thing can be broken down into two major parts:

1. Doing The Thing
2. Not doing things that aren’t The Thing.

1. Doing The Thing.
You probably do a lot of things, generally, but the ones that are work are often bolstered by social expectations or rewards. The Thing is different. There might be rewards, but they are far from certain and they are certainly far in the future. No one really expects you to finish your masterpiece, or even your piece. The work in itself can be rewarding, even immensely so, but it isn’t the kind of instant reward that, say, mindlessly clicking on something like an abused lab rat might be.
The broad solution here is to give yourself permission to treat the work seriously. Carve out specific times to do it, boast about how great it will be, etc.

2. Not doing things that aren’t The Thing.
Obviously, you sometimes have to do things that aren’t the thing. You have to eat and sleep, and probably you have to work in order to meet basic survival requirements. You have to exercise basic self-care, which means talking to and/or hugging people you like. Creating on your own requires some minimum of mental health to keep doing.
But the dangerous things that aren’t the thing are probably simple, trivial actions that give a tiny reward but whose possible repetitions could stretch out to infinity, burning more and more inescapable paths of compulsive behaviour into your neurons. Basically: STOP CLICKING REFRESH.

So I guess the basic resolution is I’m going to write first thing in the morning and not look at internet crap until I hit a word count, then measure breaks after that. Also you guys, The Thing, it’s going to be so great.
See, I told you this would be boring.

March 29th, 2014

09:28 pm: Hey!
K! I'm back! What did I miss?

September 5th, 2013

11:00 pm: Senate cheat sheet, pt I
Okay, here is the first installment of my personal senate cheat-sheet. Corrections/comments welcomed.

Liberal Democrat Party
Libertarians. Free market fundies, no less, with a sprinkling of racism on top. Want to privatise everything, repeal the discrimination act, and basically stop the government from doing any governing.

No Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics
Let us not waste any time on this one..

Democratic Labour Party
Descended from a conservative faction that split from the Labour party in the 50s. Reasonably left in their economics, but pretty far right in their social policies: anti-queer and anti-choice. Their energy plans are based on Polywell Plasma Fusion which would be a cool thing if it worked, but as of today no one has actually generated energy with one of those things.
Depressingly, and I am starting to see a pattern with this, they are still somewhat saner than the major parties when it comes to asylum seekers.

Senator Online
The theory is that if they get a senator in, you can then vote online and that will determine how the senator votes on legislation. I like the sentiment, but I worry that their system is exploitable.

Voluntary Euthanasia Party
Single issue party, as far as I can see.

Andrew Whalan,
Peter Grant Cooper.

I feel like I’m missing something here. Whalan likes shooting animals, is okay with gay marriage, very pro NBN. He is also in favour of regulations that would stop Steam charging more for games here than overseas. (He wasn’t talking just about Steam, but I can see that’s what he REALLY means.)

Help End Marijuana Prohibition
Again, the main platform of this party is pretty obvious from the name. I’m having trouble finding much out about their ideas about non cannabis related policy, though.

Carer’s Alliance
Advocate group for carers of disabled people. Legit, but I’ve no idea why they preferenced Non-Custodial Parents Party first. Don’t vote for them above the line.
Likewise, they have put the Climate Skeptics high up, and Liberal above labor (which makes NO sense)

Wikileaks Party.
Wikileaks the organisation is revolutionary, vital, and damn necessary institution in a world where governments hide so much from their people.
Wikileaks the party is a damn mess. Their preferences are going to The (super right wing)Shooters and Fishers Party, their leader has let slip some confusing quotes that seem to hint at being anti-choice, much of their membership hasn’t been to their meetings and several high ranking members have resigned over the preferences debacle.

If they did get a senator elected, then sure, they would probably be principled in their stand for government transparency, against censorship and for internet freedom. But there is a serious question mark above their stance on other issues, especially considering their sometimes erratic leader's autocratic style.

September 4th, 2013

09:21 pm: Election Guide: Grayndler
Every election I tend to write out a little guide for myself to remember who all the minor parties are. I usually stick it up on my LJ, and sometimes other people have said they appreciate it. The world seems to have caught up and there are a LOT more resources on the web now for figuring out who everyone is. So posting this seems less necessary now, but I need to look this stuff up anyway, so I might as well put it up here.

This first post is the easy part: my local seat, Grayndler.

Joshua Green, Christian Democrat Party.
If you are the kind of person who prays for rain on Mardi Gras and doesn’t think women should have sovereignty over their own bodies, please don’t ever talk to me again. Also, this is probably your party. You jerk.
I’m guessing that they picked this candidate in particular (“job: kitchenhand”) because they were hoping that his last name might confuse some of the dopier Greens voters. Beware. Don’t be dopy.

Joel Scully, Bullet Train For Australia.
Refreshingly, BTFA seem to be a genuine, by-design, single issue party. They carry the following statement on their website:
The Bullet Train for Australia Party has no official position on any other policy areas apart from High-Speed-Rail (HSR), Bullet Trains, Very Fast Trains, Fast-rail and related topics.
When our candidates are elected to the parliament of the nation they will only promote high speed rail and pursue getting a Bullet Train as quickly as possible. Our elected MPs will abstain on voting from anything that is not related to high-speed-rail and getting a Bullet Train.

Cedric Spencer, Liberal Party.
Apparently this lawyer can speak six languages, so that would be really impressive if his party weren’t a bunch of racist homophobic jerks bent on running our economy into the ground with bullshit “austerity” and vomiting all over our ozone layer whilst privatising everything we hold dear.

Hall Greenland, The Greens
Check it out, he has Green in his name too!
This party has the policies that most align with my ethics (and not coincidentally, the policies that most coincide with any logical conception of “ethics”), so this is the candidate I will be voting “1” for.

Mohanadas Balasingham, Clive Palmer United Party
Clive Palmer, mining magnate, wants to fix Australia by giving it more mines! What a nice guy. He also wants to get rid of the carbon tax, for some crazy reason. Also some bizarre economic ranting.
Worth noting, however, that he advocates closing detention centres. Yes, even this right-wing nutbag’s policy on asylum seekers is significantly to the left of the two major parties. This country is fucked.

Anthony Albanese, Labor Party
You know who the Labor party is. They have an utterly fucking vile policy on boat arrivals (but not as vile as the Liberals), and apart from that, kinda okay centre-left policies. They are one of the two major parties, and not nearly as insane as the Liberals, so they will get my “2” vote.

October 19th, 2012

09:14 pm: Σ:3


   You know, I don’t think that, back in the eighties and nineties, I saw my cat in quite the same way that cats are routinely conceptualised today. Flash (I was three when I named her: she was fast) was an independent and aloof beast, a friend who never judged even if she mostly didn’t understand (that was okay, I didn’t understand a whole lot either). She was a wild thing, and a killer even after she lost her teeth. When she died I made sure to bury her myself, and I did so alone one morning in the back yard, when everyone else had gone to work or school.

   She was never into cheeseburgers, or cheezeburgers.

   It’s not just that the semantic payload of a cat has changed – big deal, peoples’ associations and narratives shift around every day – it is that a larger part of that payload than previously has been universalised. The change is not that people think of cats in particular cutesy ways. Lots of people already did. It is that so many of them think of cats in the same cutesy way. Your cat is your cat, and you know it as an individual, but everyone now knows all cats as the cutesy, spelling impaired, pseudo-anthropomorphic protagonist of the internet.

   Is that bad? Well the cats probably don’t care. And the long distance collaborative creative culture that the internet fosters (of which cat macros are but one very popular branch) has to be a good thing, right? T.S. Elliot made an early contribution to the mythology of the domestic feline with Old Possom’s Book of Practical Cats, and things came full circle in 2007 when Reed translated The Wasteland into lolcat speak. I say circle, it is really more of a squiggle, probably. Rhetorical devices like that have always left me expecting more narrative completeness from life than is actually available. Does anyone else get that?

   My genuine question is, what is the difference? Because it feels like there is one, but I can’t articulate what. Is this just another part of the process that started with radio slowly making people’s accents more boring, or is it something else entirely? If it is the first, if indeed the first is even a thing, well, lots of people still speak differently, and the rise of many-to-many communication would if anything reverse that, wouldn’t it? Or does it increase our need to speak the same even as it gives us access to more voices? How does the tension of individuality, heritage and a million other things play out against the need to be understood?

   What happens exactly with this amorphous monoculture that intersects with all our lives? Is it just that those who would have made their own joke anyway find that someone already has? Or does the rapid spread of a singular meme actually replace alternative reactions and humour that would have been there without its ubiquity? Is there any more value to ideas that grow in cultural isolation? Do they give us something that we cannot get otherwise? Beats me. I’m not nostalgic, I’m just curious.

   Also, I cross-posted this to tumblr, which doesn't really work, because I don’t even have an accessible photo of Flash, let alone the obligatory animated gif that would really justify it. Imagine a world where you have no photos of your cat. So many things have cameras in them now that you can get cameras with cameras in them.

Incidentally, lolcat wasteland can be found here: http://corprew.org/content/lolcat-wasteland/

March 23rd, 2012

12:43 pm: Boo hiss sux
So the cake stall is no longer on this Saturday. Apparently the DIY markets are a bit more official than they used to be, and our kitchen isn't "certified".

People, The Man took your cakes away. Are you going to stand for that?

Anyway, stay tuned for further developments.

March 13th, 2012

08:15 pm: I'm not sure if this is a story, an essay, or the liner notes to a meta album about middle class guilt. Hmm.

February 20th, 2012

01:54 pm: I'm back home!

And I have a cold!

Or possibly one of those brain parasites that you can apparently get from cats, the ones that manifest with the symptoms of a cold, but after that, <i>may</i> (this bit is still controversial) lay dormant in your brain forever, making you introverted and suicidal.

It's probably a cold.

But if I contracted something that was making me introverted, how would anyone be able to tell?

Anyways, I'm back.

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